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We only use top quality, brand new batteries, such as Lucas and Yuasa. Using cheap batteries is a very short term solution; be wary of cheap batteries online as you cannot be certain if they are second hand or what the quality is like.

All scooters and powerchairs will have at least two batteries, and it is always recommended to replace both batteries, to stop the older battery draining the new battery. 

Batteries (each)  Price Link to buy
7ah £28.00 7ah
10ah £35.00 10ah
12ah £39.00 12ah
14ah £44.00 14ah
18/20/22ah £63.30 18/20/22ah
33/35/36ah £89.00 33/35/36ah
40/45ah £115.22 40/45ah 
50ah £127.00 50ah
55ah  £151.94 55ah
75ah  £145 75ah
100ah £220 100ah


 Charger Price Link to buy
2amp charger £58.92
4amp charger £88.50
7amp charger £98.63

Prices exclude any call out and fitting.

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