Curved Stairlifts

Many staircases have either a small landing on them or a fanned section that turns the stairs to a different direction; a straight stairlift cannot cope with this change of direction or angle and is therefore not going to get you to the top of the stairs.

A curved rail stairlift has a rail designed and manufactured bespoke to your flight of stairs and may even over-run onto the landing if there is space. Curved rail lifts can be fitted around the inside or outside edge of a staircase and offer you more flexibility and Curved Stairlifts.


Looking for a stairlift for the inside of the stairs ?

The Oto has been developed specifically for mounting on either side of the stairs ‘inside’ of the stairs and also on the wall side this is normally the shorter travel distance along the staircase. The Rembrandt’s special design copes admirably with what are often steeper inside curves.

Benefits of the Oto lift 

The compact and unobtrusive stairlift is installed close to the wall leaving the rest of the stairway clear for other users. Different types of seat can be installed on the oto lift so there is sure to be something that meets your needs.
You can customise your lift to further suit your requirements by adding one of our useful additional functions. You can also choose from a range of upholstery options to suit you décor. You can choose a design to suit your home.
If you are interested in the experiences of other Freelift Rembrandt users, why not read some of our testimonials.

What functions does the Oto lift have?

The Otolift options available will depend on your choice of seat.

Swivel function
Handicare supplies all seats with a manual swivel function as standard. The swivel function allows the seat to be rotated to face the landing, making it easier to get on and off. Both the Classic and the Elegance seats can have auto-swivel functions as an optional extra.

Fold away
All seats come with foldable footplate, seat and armrests so your seat can be fold up when not in use thereby giving other stair users more room when the stairlift is not in use.

Range of track configurations
Oto stairlifts can be fitted with a range of track configurations upstairs and downstairs. These include a parking curve so that the seat can be parked away from the end of the track, and a hinged track that extends when you go downstairs, and folds up when you are finished, allowing any doors at the base of the staircase to be used as normal.

Easy to use
The lift has a joystick that lets you move and stop as you wish. The lift stops automatically at the top and bottom of the stairs, where remote controls are installed, allowing you to summon or send away the lift as required.
The armrest incorporates an LED diagnostic system, which helps us to identify minor problems remotely and often to suggest solutions over the phone.

Safety as standard
The motor unit and seat are equipped with safety sensors that will stop your stairlfit if it encounters an obstacle on the stairs.

Meets your needs and requirements

All our lifts are made to measure. You can choose from a range of colours and designs, making the stairlift fit in perfectly with your home.

What are the major features of the Oto

  • The stairlift for either the inside or outside of the stairs.
  • Wide choice of seats in a variety of colours.
  • Single tube track, available in three colours as standard. Available in any RAL colour for an additional charge.
  • With a diameter of 76mm, the slimmest monorail track on the market.
  • Extensive features as standard.
  • Optional extras include auto-fold footplate and auto-swivel seat.
  • For your safety, the Oto comes with a seat belt as standard.
  • Maximum load 125 kg.

Installation between 2-4 weeks upon site visit prices from £3850 installed

Click here for a Brochure or call 0208 527 7487 for a free no obligation quotation.

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